Site Recorder - Collecting Progress in the Field

The site manager just texted asking if the tiling crew finally completed work on the third floor. But the foreman must chase the storekeeper first because on the fourth floor they were running out of cement.

Foremen are busy and they don’t need extra work. But they know best which progress was made and which tasks were completed. So how could you get them to record such valuable information?

We made it easy for them - they just need to swipe a task on our Site Recorder app!

Ease of Use is Key

When a foreman opens the Site Recorder app he only sees the tasks he committed to. There is no searching in long lists.

Each task occupies almost an inch in height so no fizzling with small rows. Planned start and end times are displayed relatively (e.g “in two hours”) to make it easier to read.

And there is no menu. Just with a swipe the foreman starts, stops or completes a task. When completed the task disappears from his worklist.

The Value of a Swipe

For site and operational managers the information collected with the swipe is extremely valuable. It is visible in real time in our Planning Board app when a task was started. Potential collisions caused by late starts can be detected in advance.

At completion the productivity is calculated. Together with information about the workforce it is stored in the database. It can be used for analysing what drives productivity or as a reliable data source for estimates.

Forecasting can be done by propagating achieved results to tasks in the future.

And the timekeeper has all data available to generate the daily timesheets automatically. They include the tasks and productive hours. Labor cost is calculated according to rates in different time types (e.g. overtime) and can be used for payroll.

So the simple swipe of a foreman has a tremendous effect.

Ready to stop after swipe

Can You Trust It?

Each task has its own stopwatch. It starts when a task is started and stops when it is completed. If a task was started late or completed early to reach a higher productivity the foreman will be asked what the crew was doing during the breaks before or after. These gaps are visible on the Planning Board.

And there are additional checks. For example you cannot start a task if a previous task at the same location is not yet completed.

This makes it quite trustworthy and allows remote supervision. But it doesn’t make the physical presence of site managers obsolete. At least they need to approve or reject the tasks (with their version of the Site Recorder app).

See the video

Site Recorder is free of charge. Every customer of our Site Cockpit app can use unlimited numbers of the app in the field.

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